Industrial Springs

Customizable Springs for any Industry

Albuquerque Spring and Seal Supplies Custom Miniature Springs, Sub-Miniature Compression, extension, as well as standard sizes with a wire diameters of .0028 to .125 inches.

 We Supply quality springs custom to our customer’s needs. If you have a drawing with specifications you can upload it to us, or if you have a sample, send it to us and we can reverse engineer it then make a drawing for you and produce the spring! We can provide prototype springs along with spring design assistance.

Compression Springs

Compression springs (including Micro Compression Springs) -With wire diameter range of .003 – .187. Outside spring diameters from .014″ and up. Designed to operate with a compression load, so the spring gets shorter as the load is applied to it.


Tension/extension springs – With wire diameter range of .003 – .187. Outside spring diameters from .014″ and up. This spring is designed to operate with a tension load, so the spring stretches as the load is applied to it.

Garter Springs

Custom Garter Springs – Are a coiled steel spring that is connected at each end to create a circular shape, and is used in oil seals, shaft seals, belt-driven motors, and electrical connectors.


Torsion springs Including Double and Spiral Torsion Springs – unlike the above types in which the load is an axial force, the load applied to torsion springs is a torque or twisting force and the end of the spring rotates through an angle as the load is applied.

Micro Torsion Spring – Just like the Torsion springs listed above, we can supply these custom Micro Torsion Springs to accommodate your specific applications.

Wire Forms

Wire Forms – Albuquerque Spring and Seal is your source for cost effective, high quality custom wire forms. We supply wire forms from round wire bent to have specific angles and lengths. While springs typically have a helix or spiral shape consisting of coils, wire forms usually do not have these characteristics.

Gun Springs

Gun Springs – Albuquerque Spring and Seal can Supply precision gun springs, Such as magazine springs, trigger springs, recoil springs, and more.  Any spring that is part of your gun application we can supply, including custom gun springs.  We manufacture gun springs from 0.006 Wire Diameter to 0.080 Wire Diameter, which makes us your go to guys for all your gun spring needs.

We Offer

Magazine Spring, Magazine Catch Springs, Trigger Springs, Recoil Spring, Ejector Spring, Plunger Spring, Anti Rattle Spring, Hammer Spring, Extractor Spring, Sear Spring

Medical Spring

Medical Equipment Springs – At Albuquerque Spring and Seal we take pride in our medical springs. This makes Albuquerque Spring and Seal a perfect fit to be your medical spring’s supplier.  We understand the need for tight tolerances, consistency, great material, fast lead times, and high repeatability.  We know our springs are being used in medical devises that may one day be used to help save your life, and we engineer every job so that there is maximum repeatability and very low stress, fatigue, and failure rate.

Industries We Serve

We supply micro springs for use inside of hearing aids, medical equipment, miniature cameras,  tiny surgical devices, firearms, locks, home hardware, electronics, automotive, jewelry, aerospace, home appliances, industrial tooling, sport fishing, lighting, marine,  electrical, circuit breakers, writing instruments, toys,  communications, electronic scales, military, agricultural, appliance, computers, fastener hardware, pool & spa, lawn & garden/outdoor power, office equipment, gas & oil field machinery, sporting goods, telecommunications & textiles just  to name a few. We are ready to put our miniature springs expertise to work for you.

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