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O-Rings and Other Rubber Products

Rubber Sheets

Albuquerque Spring and Seal is your choice for top quality, competitively priced gaskets, seals and other rubber fabricated goods. We look forward to providing you with timely, courteous, and competent service with regard to your requirements in elastomers. Our focus is on your evolving needs.


O-Rings and Cord Extrusion

Standard Profiles for O-Rings and Hollow, Square Cut, X-Ring Extrusion

(Nitrile) O-Ring Cord is the most widely used O-Ring elastomer. It has an excellent resistance to petroleum products. It also has an excellent compression set along with tear and abrasion resistance.

Custom Extrusion Profiles, Any length, up to 2 inches diameter, Durometer: 50 to 70 Shore A

Hot splicing and vulcanizing process is to chemically bond two ends of rubber extrusion together. This creates an endless seal making the gasket stronger and more impermeable to the elements. We cut the length to achieve the desired shape of the end product for close tolerances. Lathes, high-speed cutters, and rotating cutters are used on longer runs and larger physical sizes of products. Other cutters can be used on long continuous runs and guillotine cutters are used on long-length and larger cross-sections.

O-Rings by Application

*Chemical *General Chemical & Extreme,* Drive Belt,* Food, Fuel & Diesel, *Oil Seals, * Jet- Fuel, *Helium, *LPG, *Natural Gas, *High Temperature,* Hydraulic Fluid,* Lube – Aerospace,* Lube – Automotive,* Water, *Beer, *Whisky, *Wine, *Military and Aerospace, *Aerospace Silicone and other general applications Not Listed.

Oil Seals

Oil seals (often called grease, fluid or dirt seals) close spaces between stationary and moving components in mechanical equipment, helping prevent lubricant escape. They also stop harmful contaminants from entering machinery, particularly in severe environments. Vital components of practically every type of machine and vehicle in operation, oil seals protect all types of precision-constructed, close-fitting ball, sleeve and roller bearings.

Other Rubber Products

Rubber Washers and Gaskets

Albuquerque Spring and Seal are able to supply you with a wide variety of quality materials to manufacture custom rubber seals and gaskets to function in an extensive range of applications, industries and specific environments. If you are not sure which material is best for your application, please contact us today to assist you.

Custom Molded Rubber Shapes and Products

We can create Any size, Any shape, Rubber to Metal Bond, Roller, Rubber Foams, Rubber Coated Metal Stamping, Gaskets, Medical Silicone Products, Liquid Silicone Rubber, Vibration Control Devices, Mounts, Grommets, Bushing, Torsion Dampers, Compression/Jounce/Rebound

Rubber Sheet, Rolls & Strips

Our industrial rubber meets and exceeds most ASTM specifications and is manufactured under strict guidelines for quality. Most of our rubber is sold by the square yard and volume discounts apply to rubber purchased in rolls. Different durometers are available.

Typical Applications and Industries We Serve

Industrial and commercial food oven, cart seals, and gaskets, rubber  washers, seals for electronics and electrical equipment, architectural and window seals, electrical connector seals, industrial louvers and HVAC equipment, automotive electrical enclosure weather seal, outdoor electrical enclosures, outdoor cellular telecommunications enclosures, water purification and filtration seals, fiber optic sheathes, silos and storage tank Seals, medical equipment seals, aerospace and Military seals and gaskets, dairy seals, peristaltic tubing, plastic case seals, oil & gas, semi-conductor industrial applications, food & beverage, portable water industry, pharmaceutical, and analytical & biotechnical just to name a few.

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