O-Rings and Cord Extrusion

Standard Profiles for O-Rings and Hollow, Square Cut, X-Ring Extrusion (Nitrile) O-Ring Cord is the most widely used O-Ring elastomer. It has an excellent resistance to petroleum products. It also has an excellent compression set along with tear and abrasion resistance. Custom Extrusion Profiles, Any length, up to 2 inches diameter, Durometer: 50 to 70 Shore A Hot splicing and vulcanizing process is to chemically bond two ends of rubber extrusion together. This creates an endless seal making the gasket stronger and more impermeable to the elements. We cut the length to achieve the desired shape of the end product for close tolerances. Lathes, high-speed cutters, and rotating cutters are used on longer runs and larger physical sizes of products. Other cutters can be used on long continuous runs and guillotine cutters are used on long-length and larger cross-sections.

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Standard Dash Size Chart

No matter if you are trying to size a metric or an inch O-ring you need to know two important numbers. 

1) You need to know the ID or inside diameter

2) You need to know the CS or cross section sometimes known as the thickness

For Metric O-rings:

If the metric size you need for example is :

3 x 2mm (ID x CS) 

For Inch O-rings:

Inch o-rings come in 5 standard CS-thicknesses and they are:

                     1/16 – 3/32 – 1/8 – 3/16 – 1/4

O-Rings by Application

*Chemical *General Chemical & Extreme,* Drive Belt,* Food, Fuel & Diesel, *Oil Seals, * Jet- Fuel, *Helium, *LPG, *Natural Gas, *High Temperature,* Hydraulic Fluid,* Lube – Aerospace,* Lube – Automotive,* Water, *Beer, *Whisky, *Wine, *Military and Aerospace, *Aerospace Silicone and other general applications Not Listed.

O-rings by Category

*Japanese Industrial Standard O-Rings  *Buna Back Up – O-Rings  *British Standard O-Rings  *Buna 70 O-Rings  *Buna 90 O-Rings  *EPDM 70 O-Rings  *Hydraulic Flange O-Rings  *Hydraulic ORS O-Rings  *Hydraulic SAE O-Rings  *Metric 70 O-Rings  *Metric B90 O-Rings  *Metric EPDM 70 O-Rings  *Metric Silicone O-Rings *Metric Viton O-Rings  *Metric Viton 90 O-Rings  *NSF B70 O-Rings  *O-Ring Kits  *O-Ring Accessories  *Oil Rotary Shaft Seals – Buna  *O-Rings for Caterpillar  *Piston Wear Rings  *Quad Rings Buna  *Rod/Piston Seals Type B  *Rod U – Cup Seals  *Rod Wiper Metal Clad  *Rubber Balls – Ground *Silicone Boss O-Rings  *Silicone O-Rings  *Rod Wiper Urethane  *Teflon Backup Rings  *V-Ring  *Viton Boss O-Rings  *Viton O-Rings 75  *Viton O-Rings 90  *White Teflon O-Rings

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